Ditch Grain Bags for the New, Modern Temporary Grain Storage

Producers are pretty good at forecasting harvest yields but they can’t always predict a surplus. Whether it’s because of unexpectedly great weather or the use of a higher-yielding crop, some harvests have greater storage requirements, which aren’t covered by a producer’s existing storage capacity. Whenever this happens, producers need to find a way to store their full yield so that they aren’t leaving money on the field. The last thing a producer wants to do after a long day in the combine is to scramble to find temporary storage for their excess grain.

The traditional solution to a capacity shortage is buying, installing, and maintaining more fixed bins at the main storage lot. However, this is costly and time-consuming. Often, it would take too long to set up new grain bins or they may only be needed for a limited number of seasons, and thus, producers often resort to one-time/ temporary storage solutions.

Temporary storage solutions, such as grain bags, have become increasingly popular with producers, giving them the flexibility to increase their storage for those high-yielding crops or record-high growing years. However, grain bags pose a number of new issues for the producer, as they require a whole new set of equipment, increase labour hours due to bagging and double handling, and creates risks associated with spoilage and quality degradation.

For 10,000 bushels of excess grain, we estimate that grain bags cost up to $18,000 per year, depending on the type of crop.

These costs add up quickly year after year, making it expensive to bag and handle grain when over-capacity in the main bins; not to mention the amount of waste that’s created by using all of that single-use plastic.

The T-Bin is designed to replace grain bags, offering up to 10,000 bushels of temporary storage anywhere that it’s needed. Being on wheels and collapsing to under 17”, the T-Bin is mobile-friendly and can be towed by a standard tractor or truck to the edge of a field during harvest. When telescoped to maximum height, the T-Bin acts as a regular grain bin, mitigating spoilage concerns and allowing the grain to be safely stored for as long as needed.

Instead of paying for grain bins every year, the T-Bin can be a producer’s go-to temporary storage solution. No more double handling and no more plastic waste.

Make 2022 the last year you use grain bags and let 2023 be the year you get freedom at harvest. Contact us to learn more about the 10,000-bushel mobile grain bins we have for sale.