Grain Bin Breakthroughs – GrainsWest Spotlight

By Tommy Wilson at GrainsWest

Not all farmers sell their grain straight off the combine. In times of harvest surge, many opt for temporary grain storage solutions such as grain bags. Certain farmers would rather not use grain bags, said Patrick Beaujot, one of three T-Bin AG Equipment business partners.

While plastic grain bags can hold as much as 8,000 bushels of grain, to fill them requires specialized equipment. Additionally, they are susceptible to the elements. Temperature and moisture can cause problems while insects and animals can also damage the stored grain, literally taking a bite out of profits. “Farmers love grain bags at harvest time because they can stick the grain in a bag quickly and move to the next field and keep combining, but they hate them after harvest when there’s a situation,” said Beaujot. “There’s always room for something better.”

Beaujot teamed up with engineer Trevor Phenix and Saskatchewan farmer Dave Kosior whose idea it was to create this grain storage option. The portable bin extends in height telescopically to increase capacity. Seventeen feet tall when collapsed, the T-Bin extends to a height of 36 feet and holds up to 10,000 bushels of grain.

The bin addresses several challenges. These include tight harvest windows and the chronic farm labour shortage. Farmers prefer equipment and systems that allow flexibility to spread out and grow. Many tend land far from their binyards, which makes hauling grain a tough and time-consuming gig at harvest. A temporary, moveable storage bin may be just what they need, said Beaujot. If needed, the bin can be equipped for aeration and remote monitoring.

The T-Bin comes equipped with a wheeled transport and lift kit that can be shared among multiple units and towed behind a tractor or semi truck. The unit can include an optional independent hydraulic unit that will support both telescoping and transportation lift requirements.

A notable nod to its value in the field, the T-Bin team earned the Farm Built Solutions Award at this year’s Manitoba Ag Days Innovation Showcase.

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