“If only grain bins had wheels…” How to safely store grain on rented land

As farms get bigger, there are more opportunities for producers to rent farmland. This allows farmers to expand their output without taking on the capital costs of the land. However, it also poses new challenges for producers, as they need to expand their storage capacity to meet their new production needs. Running out of fixed storage is a producer’s worst nightmare and the last thing they should be worried about during harvest.

When a producer rents land for a limited number of seasons, they are often unable to set up storage bins on the rented land. Or if they do, those bins will stay with the land when the lease is done. This means that many producers end up expanding their existing fixed grain storage capacity by adding more grain bins. There are a few challenges that come from this:

  • Any fixed grain storage added to the remote land or to the producer’s existing storage unit is a sunk cost, and often unrecoverable.
  • Hauling grain back to existing fixed storage creates long backhaul times for trucks and significantly slows down harvest.
  • It often takes too long to set up new grain bins in time for them to be used during harvest.

But there’s a new and better way to set up remote storage on rented land: a mobile grain bin. Imagine being able to move a part of your fixed storage setup – like having grain bins on wheels!

The T-Bin is a 10,000-bushel capacity mobile grain bin. It can be collapsed and moved to set up temporary storage anywhere, even on remote rented cropland. This means that storage costs are no longer unrecoverable, as the T-Bin can be moved to the next location or used for grain staging, even after the lease is up. The T-Bin also eliminates long backhaul times, as the grain trucks don’t need to haul grain back to existing fixed storage. Furthermore, grain in the T-Bin can be safely stored in highly accessible locations for as long as needed, giving producers complete control over moving and selling their grain.

With mobile grain bins, you earn full flexibility on where you store your grain, and when you sell it. Unlock true freedom with the T-Bin – the grain bin on wheels.

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