Not Enough Grain Trucks For Harvest? You Need Grain Staging.

Harvest season is a busy and demanding time for farmers. It gets even more challenging when they can’t find enough personnel to get the job done efficiently. Because of this, farmers are constantly looking for ways to increase harvest efficiency while mitigating the risk of being short-staffed.

When farmers are short-staffed, they often need to run their harvest while short of one or two grain truck drivers. This becomes a problem for the entire harvest operation, as when there aren’t enough grain trucks to haul grain, there isn’t anywhere for the combines and grain carts to unload into. This means that the combines and grain carts sit idle waiting for grain trucks, incurring unnecessary labour and equipment costs.

The T-Bin solves this problem by providing an in-field staging solution, acting as a buffer between the combines and grain trucks. The T-Bin can be pulled by a tractor or semi-truck, reducing to a mobile-friendly height of under 17’. Once it’s on the edge of a field, the T-Bin can be deployed and expanded in under 10 minutes and holds 10,000 bushels of grain once telescoped to full height. With this amount of storage on the edge of a field, a single-combine operation can run for up to 10 hours without needing a single grain truck. No more idle time!

Having field-side storage offers producers the ability to hire grain truck drivers outside of peak hours so that they need fewer people during the day. Between after-hours support and getting the combine and grain cart drivers to operate grain trucks once the combines have shut down, having a T-Bin unlocks true freedom at harvest. A short-staffed producer can dramatically cut their days of harvest, saving them on labour and equipment costs.

The T-Bin completely modernizes grain staging and harvest operations. Having a T-Bin allows a short-staffed producer to complete their harvest in the same number of days as a full-staffed producer. It addresses one of the most pressing challenges farmers face today, saving them time and money.

If you are a producer looking to modernize your harvest and operate with fewer personnel, visit our website and download our brochure to learn more.